A different kind of Christmas
From a NICU parent to all NICU parents being in the hospital now, I would kindly ask you to hold on to your faith, to your hope, to your strength.
Thoughts for NICU nurses
We have been lucky and honoured to meet and learn something from all of you, but the most important, it was a blessing for Aurora and Victoria that you took care of them.
Play in NICU (click here to read more)
It was fascinating to see how play connects the children and helps them communicate. When she was around, Aurora and Victoria kept watching her and smile, showing they loved her presence.
About family and emotions
Also, because every picture tells a story, please find attached some of ours from that day.
Learn from the tiniest
``It is health that is the real wealth and not
Surpassing my limits
It was Monday, 18th September 2017 when they were born via C- section, at UCLH. At 12:47, baby Victoria came out.2 minutes later, baby Aurora, who even cried. I did not have them at my chest, as it happens with other babies...