A personal blog to talk about my twin girls born prematurely

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The purpose of this blog is to connect with other people, who experienced prematurity or not, and also, to transmit some messages.

Firstly, I would like to transmit a message to all the parents with premature babies. I firmly believe they need to know that are not the only ones going through this kind of experience, and despite all the burdens, things can have a positive outcome.

When our babies have been in NICU, and other parents use to come for check-ups, doctors use to call us to meet those parents and their babies. For me, it was the only proof that everything will be fine, as I could realise those babies were so little and sick, but they grew so nicely and ended up being healthy. I prayed and hoped it would be the same with our babies.

Secondly, to every person that has a friend or a known person with a premature baby, because it is essential to understand how to support and help those families. We received much support from all the people involved in our babies’ care, and we will always be grateful for their hard work and dedication. It would have been impossible to make it without them.


about this blog

Thank you for reading my blog

Thirdly, to every single person that reads my page, young or old, going to become a parent or not. Until I did not hit the prematurity, I had no idea what it means. I could not believe it could happen to me. However, it did. It can happen to everybody, and is helpful, and makes things easier, to know what to expect and where to take things from.

I would be delighted to find out about your stories with premature babies. Please, feel free to open your hearts and talk about things that helped you, or you struggled with. Every story is different and unique, and I am sure we can inspire each other.

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20 March 202

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